Process and Sell Firewood, and Sell Hud-son Forestry Equipment!

This sawmill is one of Hud-Son's best selling units with many features offered by larger mills at a great price than others we sell! 

  Hud-son HFE Homesteader Sawmills

This mill provide's the best blade support available, blade lube system, and manual hand crank for accurate board height adjustment and exceeds the European standards for safety!

  Hud-son Oscar Series Sawmills

This is a great mid-range mill that can handle good sized logs for farmers, landowners and even a side milling business.​​ It can even fit in the back of a short box pick up truck!

The 536 Pro model is the absolute newest mill in our Pro model sawmill series from Hud-son Forest Equipment!

The Oscar 52 sawmill was designed to cut the large logs that conventional sawmills could not cut because of their size. We have many customers that have added this mill to their operation to increase their ability to cut the larger logs to increase productivity!

Here at Hud-Son we listen when customers have ideas or suggestions on how to make our mills more efficient and easier to use!

Hud-Son sawmills for the rural lifestyle, affordable, economical, value added models!

The HFE-36 portable sawmill is an important tool for any homestead. Whether your land offers you large or small diameter logs, hard or soft woods, the HFE-36 will turn them into beautiful boards!

  Specialty and Hydraulic Sawmills

This 23 HP portable sawmill is built farm tough with many standard features!

The wood you cut using the Oscar 60 Portable Sawmill can be turned into valuable lumber, table tops and bar tops!

The Oscar 330 Pro - 16 HP Sawmill is stealing the portable sawmill market with its affordability and efficiency! 

This portable mill is built with a heavy duty frame and has many popular features. This unit has our standard 36" log capacity with ability to cut a 18’ long logs!

The Oscar 436 Pro Sawmill is one of the newest line of Pro model sawmills for our customers that need a little more horse power for those tough jobs!

The Oscar 18CE portable mill exceeds European standards for safety and it's a great mid-range mill for farmers, landowners and even a side milling business!

This HFE-30 portable sawmill is ideal for sawing your logs into boards or re-sawing boards to the needed dimension. It is an important and handy tool to have at home or around the farm!

  CE Approved Sawmills

Hud-Son Forest Equipment is always looking to update our models. So we thought that we should update the Oscar-328 with more horsepower and electric start!

This sawmill is ideal for sawing your logs into boards or re-sawing boards to the needed dimension. Imagine how handy it would be if when you needed a board or two if you could just saw it up right on the spot!