• Machines auxiliary hydraulic lines must be bi-flow or two way flow. Any improper setting or malfunction in the bi-flow auxiliary lines may result in high pressure situation inside the motor that could potentially cause the motor seals to fail. In this case, the motor is not covered under warranty. If in doubt, have the machine’s auxiliary hydraulic system checked by a professional and verified as properly functioning and within the hydraulic requirements of the Black Splitter motor type. 

  • The machines auxiliary hydraulic lines must be set to motors hydraulic requirements or risk seal failure which will not be covered by warranty. 

  • Hydraulic Motor Requirements:

Black Splitter Motor Type            Pressure Bar / (PSI)                       Hydraulic Oil Flowrate Liters per Minute / (GPM

          o 630                                         180-230 / (2,610-3,335)                     30-100 / (7.9-26.4 GPM

          o 800                                         180-210 / (2,610-3,045)                     50-200 / (13.2-52.8 GPM

          o 800 +                                      180-370 / (2,610-5,365)*                    50-200 / (13.2-52.8 GPM


*A motor case drain line connection is required for the 800+ motor 

  • Check that all bolts and fittings are tight especially at the cone connection as it is not torqued down until there is pressure on the motor to keep it from spinning. 

  • ​​Read instruction manual prior to operation of the hydraulic attachment and contact your Black Splitter dealer if you have any questions or concerns. 


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