Process and Sell Firewood, and Sell Hud-son Forestry Equipment!

Hud-Son is...

a New York State based company located in the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We are family owned as far back in history as 1946. Our company started as a Mom & Pop business. Over the past 68 years the Hudon name took on the name Hud-Son, meaning Hudon and Son. Still after many years the Hudon family continues to have many family members working in various departments of this 50-strong group. The Hudon’s have always been involved with forestry, forestry equipment, and have a simple love of the outdoors in the mountain area we live in.

We manufacture and import high quality forestry equipment to bring to you, people much like ourselves. We provide tools to the forest land owners, loggers, tree farmers, tree arborists, firewood processors, snowmobilers and many others. We operate with over 60,000 square foot of building space.

We employ guys and gals from the local area. Many of them as well as our family members have made this our lives by working together like a family unit. Mostly we love our customers and thank all the good folks who help to make Hud-Son a success, by purchasing our products over the years. We have and will continue to strive to provide you the quality, affordable product you expect from Hud-Son. We plan on being here for years to come providing you with the service you want before and after the sale.

Daniel J. Hudon
President at Hud-Son Forestry Equipment

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