Process and Sell Firewood, and Sell Hud-son Forestry Equipment!

• Effectively bundles 1 cube (12″ x 12″) of firewood
• Ideal for camp stores or roadside bundled wood sales
• Simple foot pedal operation makes bundling easy and fast

• Bundles firewood from lengths of 14” to 24” up to 12”x 12” square
• Wrapped using a standard size 11” wrap available at Hud-Son
• Working height of 36” & 1” pillow block bearings

• Wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage

• Simple to use!

  •  Load tray to desired amount
  •  Place wrap over the bundle
  •  Turn hand crank to start wrapping
  •  Cut the wrap and remove the firewood

  Firewood Bundler -- Electric Model

  Firewood Bundler -- Standard Model